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iPhone Photos App How-Tos

These tutorials and tips will help you get the most out of the iOS's built-in Photos app.

How to Use the iPhone Camera
Early iPhone cameras were pretty simple, but they've add a lot of features--from one-touch focus features, zoom, flash, and HDR support.

Using iPhone Photo Albums
Learn the ins and outs of using and creating iPhone photo albums here.

Print, Share, Delete Photos in the iPhone Photos App
Learn how to share, email, tweet, delete, and print photos directly from your iPhone.

Email, Text & Print from iPhone Photos App
Did you know that you can email, text, or print more than one photo at a time from the iPhone photos app? It's not a well known feature, but with the tap of one button, the Photos app gets a lot more options.

Using the iPhone Photos App
Thanks to the iPhone's built-in digital camera, it's easy to snap photos anywhere you are. But the iPhone photos app does a lot more than just take pictures. Read on to learn how to share your photos over social networks, print them, and even edit them on your phone.

Editing Photos in the iPhone Photos App
How to use the built-in photo editing tools in the iOS Photos app.

Using iPhone Slideshows
Got a set of photos--vacation or otherwise--that you want to share? Gather people around and give them a slideshow on your iPhone.

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