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Using the iPhone Music App

If you want to play the music you already own on your iPhone (or iPod touch, all the tips in this article apply to it, too), you'll need to use the iPod/Music app. Here's how.

Using the iPhone Music App
What are all those buttons that appear on the iPhone Music app when you tap the screen as it plays? Find out here.

Playlists: Normal, Smart & Genius
Learn all about playlists--including smart and Genius playlists--here.

iPhone Music App: Shuffling Songs
The most basic version of shuffling in the Music app is pretty simple. But there are more complicated things to learn, too.

iPhone iPod App Settings: SoundCheck, EQ, & Volume Limit
Learn about some of the lesser-known, but still useful, aspects of the Music app here.

How To Customize iPod Menus in iPhone
Make the Music app match the way you use it with this tip.

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