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iTunes Sync: How to Only Sync Certain Songs


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Introduction to Limited iTunes Sync
Limit iTunes Syncing, step 1

Whether it's because you have a huge music library or an iPhone or iPod with limited storage capacity, you may not want to add every song in your iTunes library to your device. While the default is to sync every song from iTunes, that may not always make sense for you--especially if you want to store and use many kinds of content besides music, such as apps, video, and eBooks.

There are two ways to only sync specific songs to your device: by unchecking songs or by creating playlists. Read on to learn how to do each.

IMPORTANT: If you already limit or control the songs synced to your device using another method, this will replace that method and the songs on your device (meaning any unchecked songs, or songs not in your playlist, will be removed from your device). Only proceed with these techniques if you want to use them to manage all of your music going forward.

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