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How To Rotate the Screen on the 6th Generation iPod nano


6th generation apple iPod nano

6th generation iPod nano

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With the clip on its back, the 6th generation iPod nano can be attached to clothes, bags, and other items in many configurations. But, since its screen is square, clipping it in certain orientations will leave the image on the screen sideways or upside down.

Or, it would, if not for one really neat feature.

How Screen Rotation Works On Other Apple Devices

Other Apple devices--like the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad--all have screens that can reorient. That's because all three have accelerometers that allow the device to detect when it's been turned and automatically adjust the screen to match its new physical orientation. As a result, their screens are tall when held vertically and wide when held horizontally.

How To It Works on the 6th Gen. Nano

The 6th generation iPod nano doesn't have an accelerometer, but its screen can still be rotated to match how you're looking at it. Here’s how.

Begin by taking two fingers and holding them a bit apart (I find it's easiest to use your thumb and forefinger, but it's up to you). Then place each finger at a corner of the nano's screen. This can be opposite corners (for instance, one finger at the top right corner of the screen and another finger at the bottom left corner, or vice versa) or on the corners on the same side (top left and bottom left, for example).

When you've done this, twist both fingers at the same time and in the same direction (clockwise or counter clockwise). The screen should rotate 90 degrees with your fingers. If you want to rotate the screen more than 90 degrees, repeat these steps.

Remove your fingers from the screen when it's oriented the way you want and that orientation will remain until you change it again.

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