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Controlling the Third-Generation iPod Shuffle


Question: Controlling the Third-Generation iPod Shuffle

Unlike previous models, the third-generation iPod Shuffle doesn’t have any buttons on the body of the device itself to control playback. Instead, the device is controlled using a remote control attached to the included headphones. The remote, though, only includes three buttons – volume up, volume down, and a clicker in the center.

So, with just three buttons to work with, how do you control the third-generation iPod Shuffle?


For Music

The volume up and down buttons are pretty self-explanatory.

When clicking the center button, you can control the iPod this way:

Single click: play/pause the music

Double click: skip to next track

Triple click: skip to previous track

For VoiceOver

If you’re using VoiceOver, a feature that speaks the names of songs and playlists, the remote also works this way:

To hear the title and artist of the song playing: hold down the button.

To move between playlists: hold the button until you hear a tone. You’ll then hear the names of the playlists on the iPod. When you hear the playlists you want, click the button again to select it.

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