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13 Budget iPod and iPhone Gifts Under $30


Every holiday calls for its big, splashy presents, but sometimes those need a little accompaniment, the accent that spices up the bigger gift. Sometimes you also need a low-cost gift for stockings, office parties, or acquaintances. For those needs, try these 13 budget-conscious iPod and iPhone gifts.

1. iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S
image copyright Apple Inc.
With a new two-year contract from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, the iPhone 4S isn't just a bit under US$30--it's $30 under $30. That's right, the iPhone 4S is now just free. While the phone is two years old and thus doesn't offer the fastest processor or latest hardware features like the iPhone 5S's Touch ID fingerprint scanner, you still get FaceTime, Siri, and the Retina Display screen, making it a very good phone that could make a big splash with some gift recipients this year.

2. Nike+ iPod Kit

nike+ ipod kit
image copyright Nike

If you've got iPod- or iPhone-owning exercisers in your life, they'll love this gadget. This combination of hardware and software allows exercisers to track their workouts as they happen, create workout-specific playlists, and upload their results to a website where they can track their progress. The $20 item works with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPod touch, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and 5th and 6th-generation iPod nano.

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3. Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids

Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones
image copyright Kidz Gear
A lot of parents are concerned about what too much iPod or iPhone listening can do to their kids' hearing. And rightly so. While there are built-in features of the iOS that can help protect young ears, these headphones from Kidz Gear make it even easier by limiting the maximum volume they can play at.

4. iTunes Gift Card

itunes gift card
image copyright Apple Inc.
You'll always make the folks on your gift list happy with iTunes Gift Cards. These gift cards can be redeemed for music, movies, TV, and iPhone apps - in short, all of the things people love to fill up their iPods and iPhones with. If you're stuck for a good gift, or want to add a small bonus, this is your best bet.

5. Albums, Movies, TV Shows

image copyright About.com
Many of us are old enough to remember the fun of getting a CD, tape, or even LP as a gift during holidays gone by. While giving a gift card is nice, it's not quite the same as giving someone a specific item - an item that may have more meaning than a gift card. If you're looking for that kind of gift, consider using the iTunes Store to give an album, movie, TV show, or audiobook. Information about the gift will be delivered to the recipient via email as soon as you buy it, though, so if you want it to be a surprise, wait 'til the last minute!

6. iPhone Apps

Weber-Stephen Products Co.

With over a quarter million apps available for owners of recent iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, iPhone apps make great, affordable gifts. From productivity tools to recipe apps, from games to exercise aids, most iPhone apps run under US$15 and will provide hours of enjoyment for their recipients.

7. iPhone or iPod Car Charger

iphone car charger
image copyright Griffin

For the iPod user - and especially iPhone owner - on the go, battery life is a major concern. There's nothing worse than being on the go, needing to use your iPod or iPhone (for a call, the get directions from Google Maps, to send email) and finding that you don't have enough juice to do the job. Make sure that the road warriors in your life don't encounter this problem by giving them an iPod and iPhone car charger that plugs into a standard cigarette lighter.

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8. Lightning to Dock Connector Adapter

Lightning to Dock Connector Adapter
image copyright Apple Inc.
If anyone on your list is getting an upgrade from an older iPhone or iPod to the newest models (the iPhone 5, 5th gen. touch, or 7th gen. nano) and has any old accessories, you'll want to make sure they have one of these little adapters. That's because the latest iOS devices use a new connector, called Lightning, to sync to computers and attach to accessories that's not compatible with the older, larger Dock Connector. Make sure the people getting gifts from you don't also have to upgrade all their accessories by giving them this tiny adapter.

9. Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

Lightning to Micro USB Adapter
image copyright Apple Inc.
While all of Apple's latest iOS use its Lightning connector to plug into accessories and computers, the micro USB port is more common on many devices, such as e-readers. Having both an iPhone and a Kindle, for instance, can mean having two carry two cables to keep them charged and synced. But can you can carry just a single Micro USB cable for both devices if you have this $20 adapter. Just plug it onto the end of a Micro USB cable and that cable will work to charge or sync any compatible iOS device—pretty handy!
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10. iPod and iPhone Cases

iphone cases
image copyright Case Logic
Anyone who's bought an iPod or iPhone knows they're not cheap. So help the folks on your gift list protection their prized gadget with an iPod or iPhone case. A good case will be easy to grip, not too heavy, compatible with all functions of the device and, ideally, able to protect the device's screen without interfering with its operation. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of styles of case out there, so you should be able to find one that matches the style and taste of everyone on your list.
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