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11 iPod & iPhone Gifts for Travelers


One of the things that made the iPod such a big hit so early in its life was the ability it gave owners to take thousands of songs with them wherever they went. These days, the iPod and iPhone have become the ultimate traveling companion--hardly anyone who owns one leaves home without it. If you've got someone who does a lot of traveling on your holiday shopping list, consider these iPod and iPhone gifts.

1. An iPhone

iPhone 5S
image copyright Apple Inc.

Anyone who travels regularly--whether it's for business or pleasure--wants a way to stay in touch while they're on the move. Whether that means updating Twitter or Facebook, posting photos of their trip to Flickr, or staying connected to personal or business email, an iPhone can be just the thing. The small, light powerful package offers a host of ways for the traveler to manage his or her digital (and non-digital) life. The only downside? Giving an iPhone means giving a gift that comes with a monthly fee.

2. iPad or iPad mini

apple ipad
image copyright Apple Inc.

The iPad is an ideal traveling companion. Not only does it offer music, apps, and movies, but it's also a terrific device for reading eBooks from Apple's iBooks store, Amazon's Kindle store, or from Barnes and Noble. It comes in a WiFi-only model, and a model with always-on 4G LTE Internet, though that requires a monthly fee.

If you traveler wants to stay light, they can enjoy all the features of the iPad in a smaller, lighter package with the iPad mini.

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iPad Air | iPad mini

3. iPod & iPhone Car Kit

DLO trans dock micro
image copyright DLO

If the traveler on your list spends most of their travel time in the car, consider an iPod car kit for them. These come in the form of cassette adapters, FM transmitters, and built-in jacks and pipe the iPod’s music through the car stereo. Some also include car charges, another nice touch.

4. iPod Car Power Adapter

ipod car power adapter
image copyright Xtreme Mac

There’s nothing worse than having to put an end to your mobile concert - or lose an important business call - because of low batteries. Prevent this disaster for your friends and family by giving them an iPod charger for the car.

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5. Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant
image copyright Automatic Labs, Inc.
Cars have had computers in them for a long time, but it’s only recently that travelers have been able to access any in-car computing features. With the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant (expect to spend about US$100) and your iPhone, the frequent traveler on your gift list will have access to all kinds of advanced data. The Automatic plugs into a standard data port present in all modern cars and connects automatically to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Once that’s accomplished, the Automatic can learn your driving habits and patterns to save gas, remember where your car is parked (in case you don’t!), and can even explain what’s going on in your car when the “check engine” light comes on (no more trips to the mechanic for that). Even better, if you’re in a serious accident with the Automatic installed (and a wireless data/GPS connection available), it can notify emergency services and authorities in the area.

6. PocketFinder GPS Locator

PocketFinder GPS Locator
image copyright PocketFinder
Always moving throughout the country and want to be able to tell your loved ones where you are? Try PocketFinder's GPS Locators. There are both personal and vehicle options, running from $150 to $180. The included iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app lets the people back at home know where you are.

7. iPhone Radar Detectors

Cobra iRadar Detection System
image copyright Cobra

Being on the road a lot means increasing your chances of getting a speeding ticket--and no one wants that. Give the traveler on your list the heads up when a speed trap is up ahead with an iPhone-enabled radar detector. They combine hardware scanners with iPhone apps to give drivers up to date information about driving conditions and help them avoid extra expenses. Expect to spent $120-$400--which isn't that much when you consider they could save hundreds in tickets.

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Cobra iRadar Detection System | Escort SmartRadar Detector

8. Headphones

Shure SE310 iPod headphones
image copyright Shure

Audiophiles don’t love Apple’s white earbuds, but there’s another reason to buy new headphones for travelers – noise cancellation. Some high-end headphones offer the ability to either completely block out ambient noise or at least reduce it, technologies called noise canceling or noise deadening. This is especially important on subways, trains, or airplanes, where these headphones will create a better listening experience. Check out models from Bose and Shure.

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9. Portable iPod Speakers

Altec Lansing inMotion portable iPod speakers
image copyright Altec Lansing

If your traveler spends a lot of time in hotels, they may appreciate being able to fill their generic hotel room with their favorite music from home. There are many quality portable iPod speakers powered either by batteries or wall power. Some are even collapsible, making them easier to travel with.

10. Extra Cables and Adapters

image copyright Apple Inc.

There's nothing worse than getting caught away from home without the cables and adapters you need--especially if you need them to charge the battery on your device. Make sure the traveler on your list doesn't run into this showstopper by arming them with a series of extra cables and adapters. Some of the ones they may appreciate the most include:

11. Extended Life Batteries for iPhone

Mophie Juice Pack Air
image copyright Mophie
Traveling can mean long stretches without the opportunity to charge your device. And nobody likes to be stuck on a long flight without their music or eBook, or needing to send a crucial email for work but not having the juice to do it. This can be avoided using extended life batteries for the iPhone. These cases have to be charged separately, but when they're full, they provide as much as 100% longer battery life for the iPhone user on the go.
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