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How to Copy CD to iPod & iPhone Using iTunes


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Check Your iTunes Library & Sync
How to Copy CD to iPod, step 5

With this done, you'll want to confirm that the songs have imported properly. Do so by browsing through your iTunes library in your preferred way to where the files should be. If they're there, you're all set.

If they're not, trying sorting your iTunes library by Recently Added (View menu -> View Options -> check Recently Added; then click on the Recently Added column in iTunes) and scroll to the top. The new files should be there. If you need to edit the song or artists information, read this article on editing ID3 tags.

Once everything is set with the import, eject the CD by clicking on the eject button next to the CD icon in the drop-down menu or the left-hand tray. Then you're ready to sync the songs to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

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