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How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod?


free iTunes music

Question: How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod?

Well, it depends on what you mean. If you mean where to get the software called iTunes that manages your music collection, that’s one thing. If you mean free songs from the iTunes Store, that’s another.


If you’re looking to get the program iTunes, used to manage media collections and iPods/iPhones, for free, you’re luck – it’s always free! Go here to download the latest version.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to get free music from the iTunes Store, that’s another matter. There are a few ways to go about this:

1. Every week, iTunes offers 3 free songs from artists as a single of the week, discovery download, and latin single of the week. Hit that section of the iTunes Store every week and you’ll get 3 free songs each week.

2. There’s no other legitimate way to get free songs from iTunes (unless you get a promo code from someone or are the recipient of an iTunes gift card).

3. However, there are lots of other great sources of free, legal music online, including paid sources. When you sign up for eMusic, you’ll get free MP3 downloads (though you’ll be charged for a subscription if you don’t cancel in time). AmazonMP3 offers a free song of the day, every day, from its homepage.

4. About.com’s Guide to Digital Music has a list of 6 comprehensive sites for free music.

5. If you’re looking for free and live music, check out Archive.org’s Live Music Archive, which is a terrific repository of tens of thousands of concerts.


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