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Getting Music for Your iPod + iPhone

Learn the ins and outs of getting music for iPhone and iPod here, from ripping CDs to buying at iTunes to iOS apps that offer free music.
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Adding Songs from CDs to Your iTunes and iPod
Got a big stack of CDs you'd like to add to your iTunes library and your iPod or iPhone? Learn the ins and outs of doing that here.

Creating an iTunes Store Account
Without an iTunes account, you can't do much. You can't buy music, download apps, rent movies, or activate your device. Basically, if you have no iTunes account, there's not much point in having an iOS device.

Buying Songs from the iTunes Store
A step-by-step guide to buying songs at the iTunes Store.

How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod?
Well, it depends on what you mean. If you mean where to get the software called iTunes that manages your music collection, that’s one thing. If you mean free songs from the iTunes Store, that’s another.

Free Audio Books for iPod & iPhone
Stock your device with free audiobooks at these sites.

15 iPhone OS 4 Radio Apps
Having thousands of songs we love with us at all times is one of the great things about the iPhone or iPod touch. But sometimes you want some variety, want to discover something new, or don't want music at all, instead preferring news or sports. In any of those situations, what you need are iPhone OS radio apps.

Cloud Music Services Compared: iCloud vs Amazon Cloud Player vs Google Music
Cloud-based music services are all the rage right now. These services store your music on the web (in "the cloud") and allow you to stream songs to your computer or mobile device anywhere you have an Internet connection. This chart will help you compare the competing services side by side to help you determine which one you want to use.

Spotify for iPhone Frequently Asked Questions
Is Spotify for you or should you stick with iTunes? Find out in this Q&A.

Dowloading Songs from eMusic
A quick how-to guide on signing up for eMusic, downloading songs from the service, and adding them to iTunes.

How to Redownload MP3s at eMusic
One of the key differences between eMusic and the other music download services that work with the iPod is that if you accidentally delete a song from your computer and iPod, but you got it from eMusic, you can redownload it without having to pay for it a second time. No other iPod-compatible download service offers this feature.

Can I Redownload MP3s from eMusic If They're Deleted?
Unlike other music download services, which require you to pay for a song each time you download, eMusic lets you download the same songs as many times as you want for one fee.

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