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How to Update iPod software


update iPod software

Periodically, Apple releases iPod software updates that add features and fix bugs in the operating system that runs the iPod. The tool to update iPod software is built into iTunes.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: A few minutes, depending on your Internet connection

Here's How:

  1. To check for new iPod software updates, connect your iPod to your computer. The iPod management screen will appear as it usually does when you sync.
  2. In the middle of this screen, you’ll see a section called Version and a button labeled Check for Update. To check for iPod software updates and, if any are available, install them, click it.
  3. If there an update is available, a window will pop up asking you to download and install the update, download it to install later, or skip it for the time being.
  4. If you chose to download it, a series of pop-up windows will lead you through the process of installing the new software update on your iPod. Follow those instructions and the update will be installed.
  5. Once the update is installed the iPod automatically restarts and you'll be enjoying an updated iPod.

What You Need:

  • An iPod
  • iTunes
  • An Internet connection
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