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Can You Jailbreak an iPod touch?


Apple tightly controls what can be installed on the iPod touch and iPhone, and what applications is makes available through the App Store.

Some people, though, who need or want additional features, or who want to use their iPhone with a phone carrier other than the official, local partner, do something called jailbreaking. This opens Apple’s control of the phone and lets them install their own software.

Since the iPod touch has often been called an iPhone without the phone, does that mean it’s possible to jailbreak an iPod touch?

Indeed it does.

The tools that can be used to jailbreak an iPhone also work with the iPod touch. Using them, you can also open your iPod touch up for installing non-Apple-sanctioned programs.

But, just because you can do it, should you?

That’s up to you, of course. But unless you’re pretty technologically savvy, or willing to mess your iPod touch up, I’d caution against it.

For one thing, Apple doesn’t give tech support to iPod touches that have been jailbroken. It may even consider them to be out of warranty.

For another, when you install a program from the App Store, you know that Apple has reviewed it and you can trust that it does what it says it does. That’s not as true of unlocked apps. Though there are no examples yet of malicious apps for unlocked devices, it could happen since there are fewer protections.

Also, it’s much easier to mess up your iPod touch when it’s jailbroken and can have low-quality apps installed on it. This could lead to you needing to erase or reformat your iPod touch, which may not be much fun.

So, bottom line: yes, you can jailbreak an iPod touch. Should you? Depends on how much risk you’re willing to take.

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