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iPhone 5S Review

A review of Apple's flagship iPhone model for 2013/2014, the iPhone 5S.

Rdio for iPhone Review

Among the trio of major streaming music apps, Rdio stands taller than Spotify or MOG when it comes to user experience and music discovery, but is it a better app overall?

iPhone 5C Review

A review of Apple's "low-cost" iPhone model for 2013/2014, the iPhone 5C.

Anti Sleep Pilot Drowsy Driving App Review

Anti Sleep Pilot has a laudable goal: to keep drivers awake and alert to prevent accidents. But a number of bugs and a high price will keep it out of most cars.

Evernote for iPhone App Review

For heavy note-takers, Evernote may well be an indispensable app. With its simple notes and powerful, multi-device sync, it's a major productivity tool. But a few problems hold it back from being a 5-star app.

Atomic Browser for iPhone Review

In the quest for the best iPhone web browser crown, Atomic makes a case thanks to its powerful features, but small flaws keep it from leading the pack.

ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 App Review

ESPN Fantasy Football '11 makes it easy for you to manage your fantasy football team from any iPhone or iPod touch--for free--meaning you can stay on top of your moves and your league practically anywhere.

Mercury iPhone Web Browser App Review

Mercury, a web browser app for the iPhone, gives Safari a run for its money in some areas, most notably speed. But a few bug and a general feeling of lagginess hold it back.

Shopping List from Recipe.com Grocery App Review

Using a grocery app to ensure that you don't leave the supermarket without some items you need is a good idea, but you better make sure that the app you choose can handle all your favorite foods and stores. Shopping List from Recipe.com fails that test in some cases.

Photon iPhone Flash Browser App Review

Of all the iPhone browser that claim to support Flash, Photo--though not without its problems--offers the best Flash support and widest range of compatibility.

Puffin iPhone Web Browser App Review

Puffin does indeed bring Flash video to the iPhone, but this video will remind you--too much--of web video from 5-7 years ago.

Flash Browser iPhone Web Browser App Review

You'd expect an app called Flash Browser to be able to play Flash files found on the web. Alas, you would be wrong.

Orchestra iPhone To Do App Review

Orchestra is a to-do app for the iPhone that excels at sharing tasks among groups and almost certainly will find passionate fans among creative organizations and businesses. But with its lack of some common features--like specific due dates for tasks--can it meet the average individual's needs?

Song Exporter Pro iPhone App Review

Song Exporter Pro offers iOS device owners a pretty helpful feature: the ability to copy songs from their device to a desktop computer wirelessly. While it's best used for transferring a small number of files, rather than an entire iTunes library, Song Exporter Pro is worth a look for anyone interested in easy song sharing.

Runmeter GPS iPhone App Review

Runmeter GPS is an excellent iPhone running app that tracks your pace and distance. It also has a host of extra features, including Twitter and Facebook integration, customizable voice prompts, and an automatic email program that sends alerts to your friends or family when you're done running.

CloudBrowse App Review

CloudBrowse lets you do something most other iOS browsers don't: use Java and Flash. It does this by accessing web browsers on servers and then streaming those sessions to you. But is a browser not designed for the iOS, and that requires a monthly subscription, a good fit for most users?

SkyFire Web Browser iPhone App Review

The SkyFire Web Browser bills itself as the first iPhone browser that can play Flash videos. The app is so popular that it “sold out” within hours of its launch because the developer's servers couldn't keep up. I gave it a whirl to see if all the buzz is warranted.

Lose It! iPhone App Review

Lose It is one of the most popular weight loss apps for the iPhone. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface and extensive food database, the Lose It app makes it simple to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

Wolfgang's Vault iPhone App Review

Wolfgang's Vault, a free iPhone app that offers access to thousands of classic and modern concert recordings seems like the perfect app for live music fans. It should be, but quality problems and unclear fees hold it back.

Seesmic App Review

Seesmic may not have bragging rights at the official Twitter app for iOS, but its semi-outsider status gives it freedom--and features--that the official can't match.

CameraBag iPhone Photo App Review

CameraBag is an appealingly simple to use iPhone photo app that lets you apply a number of preloaded filters to images. But with competitors like Instagram and Hipstamatic, how does it stack up?

FX Photo Studio iPhone App Review

FX Photo Studio is a powerful photo editing and manipulation program for the iOS. With nearly 200 built-in filters and nearly unlimited combinations of settings and tweaks, it offers users a comprehensive--and sometimes overwhelming--tool for editing their photos.

Instagram iPhone App Review

See how the Instagram app stacks up against other top iPhone photography apps. Instagram combines artistic filters with social networking features so you can create unique pictures and share them with friends.

Fuel Finder App Review

Fuel Finder offers drivers a solid package. While its station and price listings have a few errors, its polished interface and "On Fumes" feature are very strong.

Fuel Smart Pro App Review

Fuel Smart Pro offers accurate prices and comprehensive listings, but its raw and difficult interface makes it less appealing than other competing apps.

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