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IPod File Format Compatiblity Guide

A guide to which files will work on your iPod and in iTunes


A guide to what audio, video, and image file types are prevalent online and which ones work with iPod and iTunes.

File Format File Type Associated With Compatible with iPod?
MP3 Audio Open* Yes
AAC Audio Apple Yes
WMA Audio Microsoft No
AIFF** Audio Open Yes
WAV** Audio Open Yes
M4A Audio Apple Yes
M4P Audio Apple Yes
Ogg** Audio Open No
FLAC Audio Open No
RA/RAM Audio Real Networks No
H.264 Video Open Yes
MP4 Video Open Yes
WMV Video Microsoft No
MOV Video Apple No
JPEG Image Open Yes
GIF Image Open Yes

* Though not 100% open (in the legal or technical sense) in all cases, these file formats are widely used and, in many cases, not controlled by just one company.
** Can be converted using third-party software to mp3, aac, etc.

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