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How Much Does an iPod touch Cost?


how much does an ipod touch cost?

5th Generation iPod touch

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Updated June 04, 2014

Because they offer so many of the great features of the iPhone, but without the expensive monthly contract that that device requires, people who want an affordable, great iOS experience love the iPod touch. It's such a widely loved device that, if you don't have an iPhone and don't want one, you probably want an iPod touch. When it comes to getting one, though, you need one crucial piece of information: How much does an iPod touch cost?

If you're in the market for an iPod touch, you're in luck: getting the answer to that question is much easier than it is for the iPhone (which not only has multiple models, but also has complex options for its monthly service plans). To figure out how much an iPod touch costs, you just need to know which model you want.

Three Models, Three Prices

There are three iPod touch models for you to choose from. The major difference between them is the amount of storage capacity they offer, though there are some other differences, including weight and some features.

The 5th generation model is, of course, the latest and greatest, which offers all the most up to date features. Sort of. The 32GB and 64GB versions of the 5th gen. iPod touch have all the features you expect from a touch: two cameras, support for the latest iOS and features like FaceTime and Siri, and audio and video playback.

The 16GB model, on the other hand, is a slightly less powerful version. In exchange for the lower price, it removes the second camera on the back of the touch (which, on the other models, takes higher-quality pictures), as well as the Loop strap holder. It also only comes in black, though it's a bit lighter than the other models.

With that in mind, here are your options in terms of capacity, model, and price:

  • 16GB (5th generation) - $229
  • 32GB (5th generation) - $299
  • 64GB (5th generation) - $399

A good rule when deciding is to buy as much storage as you can afford. That way, you're unlikely to run out of space quickly and, thanks to having the most advanced features, you'll get a long, useful life out of your iPod touch. In this case, that also means you're likely to get the second camera and choice of colors that make this version of the touch so fun.

What About Sales?

Those are the list prices, but what about sales, you may be asking? Shouldn't I just wait for a sale to get a better price? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

That's because Apple almost never has sales on its iPods and iPhones. Sure, there's the annual holiday sale, but you'll usually only save $10 or $20 on that. Otherwise, don't expect to see sales on iPod touches. Apple controls the pricing of its devices too closely (and because they're so popular, it can get the prices it asks). From time to time, you will see some small variations in the cost of an iPod touch--a retailer offering the iPod touch for $5 or $10 less than its competitors--but don't count on saving much more than that.

If you want to see who's offering one of those lower prices right now, compare prices on the iPod touch using the PriceGrabber comparison-shopping site.

There are a couple of other ways to try to get a good deal on an iPod touch:

Additional Costs

While knowing the cost of an iPod touch can be as simple as deciding what model you want, that's not necessarily the whole price. The iPod touch comes with headphones and a USB cable for charging and syncing. It does not, however, come with a case, high-end headphones, screen protectors, extended warranty, or other accessories you may want to have to get the most of your touch and keep it working as long as possible.

To see what else you may want to buy that will add to the total cost of the iPod touch, check out this article on what accessories you may want to buy along with your iPod touch.

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