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Top 4 iPod Classic Cases


These iPod Classic cases will protect your 80GB, 120GB, or 160GB iPod Classic from scratches and dents - from back to screen to clickwheel - and come in materials including suede, silicone, and hard plastic. (NOTE: This list refers only to iPod Classic cases I've reviewed, not all available cases.)

1. Case Logic iPod Classic Silicone Cases

Case Logic Silicone iPod Classic Case
image copyright Case Logic
Though iPod cases that lack clickwheel protection are still fairly common (though I think there’s no excuse for not protecting it), it’s rare to come across a case that doesn’t protect the iPod’s screen anymore. In the Case Logic iPod Classic Silicone Case we have both – a case that protects neither the clickwheel nor the screen.

2. Case Logic Pop Flower Case

Case Logic Flower Pop iPod Classic Case
image copyright Case Logic
While the Case Logic Pop Flower Case for the iPod Classic provides pretty good protection for the iPod, those who are most drawn to it are likely to be primarily attracted to its design.

3. Core Cases Aluminum Slider

Core Cases Aluminum Slider iPod Classic Case
image copyright Core Cases
Core Cases' Aluminum Slider iPod Classic case provides reasonable protection for the iPod, but loses marks from me for not protecting the clickwheel and for its somewhat plain styling.

4. Case Logic Traditional Tin Case

Case Logic Traditional Tin iPod Case
image copyright Case Logic
Case Logic's Traditional Tin Case is a fascinating product. As far as iPod Classic cases go, I've never seen anything quite like it.
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