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Top Six iPod & iPhone FM Transmitters


Playing music from your iPod or iPhone on your car stereo doesn't have to mean a tangle of cables, hissy tape adapters, or expensive aftermarket parts. The current crop of iPhone and iPod FM Transmitters offers a number of excellent options for finding clear signals, driving safely, and sometimes even making phone calls or using the iPhone's built-in GPS. Here's how the iPod FM transmitters we tested stacked up.

1. New Potato TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto iPhone / iPod FM Transmitter
image copyright Tune Potato Technologies Inc.

The TuneLink Auto stands out for a few reasons. First, it uses Bluetooth for connectivity, making for a clean, cable-free connection while also allowing multiple devices to connect to it and to play music to the car's stereo. Second, its technology to diminish noise and interference is the best I've tested, making the music-listening experience excellent.

Used the TuneLink Auto? Post Your Own Review.

2. Scosche freqOUT

Scosche freqOUT
image copyright Scosche
Scosche's freqOUT iPhone car kit offers some of the best--maybe the best--sound I've encountered from these products. It excels at locking onto an available frequency and resisting interference, static, or the need to change channels too often. It's hindered a bit by its industrial design, though. The device is mounted too close to the gearshift on some cars to make it easy to use when driving. Still, if your gearshift accommodates it, this is a terrific product.

3. Belkin TuneCast Auto Live

belkin tunecast auto ipod fm transmitter
image copyright Belkin

Belkin's TuneCast Auto Live is the cream of the crop thanks to its ability to quickly find high-quality, interference-free stations using the iPhone's built-in GPS functionality. Great features and a good price combine to make this our favorite current iPod FM transmitter.

Used the TuneCast Auto Live? Post Your Own Review.

4. Griffin iTrip Auto

griffin itrip auto ipod fm transmitter
image copyright Griffin Technology

The Griffin iTrip Auto is a very close second to the TuneCast Auto Live. It finds nearly as clear stations to transmit on and offers a lower price. That extra bit of interference and a too-packed remote let the TuneCast edge it out, though.

Used the iTrip Auto? Post Your Own Review.

5. Belkin TuneBase FM

belkin tunebase fm ipod transmitter
image copyright Belkin

While the TuneBase FM's industrial design can be a little awkward and a high-pitched whine is evident in some settings, this flexible transmitter not only works well with music, but will also help you get where you're going thanks to its GPS design features and integrated calling functionality.

Used the TuneBase FM? Post Your Own Review.

6. Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless

Monster iCarPlay 800 Wireless ipod fm transmitter
image copyright Monster

A decent iPod FM transmitter, but a relatively high price, interference-heavy stations, and occasional busts of static put Monster's offering at the bottom of our list for now.

Used the iCarPlay 800? Post Your Own Review.

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