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How to Use an iTunes Gift Card


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Introduction to Redeeming iTunes Gift Cards
redeem itunes gift card

Click Redeem to add the iTunes Gift Card to your account

ITunes Gift Cards are extremely popular gifts. Whether they're given for birthdays or holidays, as thank yous, or promotions, everyone loves to get them. After all, what's not to love? It's free money to shop for your favorite music, movies, books, games, apps, and more at the iTunes Store.

If you're the lucky recipient, here's how to redeem an iTunes Gift Card, credit your iTunes Store account, and start shopping!

Revealing the code
Begin by turning over your iTunes Gift Card and scratch off the section on the back above the barcode. This will reveal the code you enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card.

Go to iTunes Store
Next, go to the iTunes Store (make sure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account. If you don't, create one and then finish these steps). In the Quick Links box at the top right of the front page of the Store, click Redeem (you may be asked to log in to your iTunes account. If you are, do so).

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