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7 World Cup iPhone Apps

All the apps you need to follow the World Cup


World Cup mania is just around the corner, and these seven iPhone soccer (or football, as most of the rest of the world calls it) apps can keep you in the loop on the latest news and scores. Even major names like ESPN are getting in on the action with their own World Cup apps.

1. FIFA 10

FIFA 10 iPhone App
EA Sports

If the World Cup inspires you to play soccer, why not do it on your iPhone? FIFA 10 (EA Sports, $4.99) is a realistic, action-packed soccer game that uses the iPhone's accelerometer and touchscreen to control the action. You can play on one of 570 teams from 30 different leagues, and there's even a WiFi multiplayer feature so you can compete against your friends. Console editions of this game are also available -- the Xbox 360 version gets excellent reviews

2. Soccer/Football Rules

Soccer/Football Rules App

If you're not up to speed already, the Soccer/Football Rules app (JBMJBM Inc, Free) includes the FIFA soccer rulebook, in addition to the NCAA soccer rules for American college soccer fans. The app also features a guide to referee signals so you'll know what's going on during the World Cup games.  

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