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Game On! 6 March Madness iPhone Apps


Thanks to the iPhone, you don't need to be in front of the television or even in your house or at your desk to follow all of the action during NCAA March Madness. With these college basketball apps, you can catch live game coverage, update your tournament brackets, compete with friends, and chat with other NCAA fans. 

1. NCAA March Madness Live

NCAA March Madness Live
image copyright NCAA and Turner Sports

College basketball lovers rejoice! For the 2013-2014 season, the NCAA is offering free live streaming for every tournament game with the March Madness Live app. You'll need to be connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, but this is a terrific value for any March Madness fan. Games on CBS are available to all users, but games on cable networks like TNT and TBS require that you sign in to your cable company account. The app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so you can comment on the games in real time. You'll also have access to live radio broadcasts of all games.

2. ESPN Tournament Challenge

ESPN Tournament Challenge
image copyright ESPN Inc.

Create your own March Madness brackets with this app (ESPN, Free) and then compete head to head with your friends, coworkers, and even celebrities and sports figures. Besides the fun of trying for a perfect bracket, using this app can also give you a chance to win US$10,000!

3. Bracket Picker Madness

top ncca bracket app
copyright Primico
If you prefer to follow formulas over your gut when it comes to picking your bracket, this app (Primico Inc., $0.99) is for you. Instead of being asked to pick between teams in each game, you select criteria that creates a formula for which team to pick in which game. Determine how important various criteria are--strength of schedule, seeding, poll ranking, winning percentage, etc.--and the app will automatically create your bracket.

4. March Brackets 2014

ncaa march madness app
copyright KC Gadgets

Another option for organizing your brackets is the March Brackets app (KC Gadgets, $0.99). Any tournament brackets you create will be automatically updated when new scores become available. A current bracket also displays the correct picks as the NCAA tournament progresses, and the app supports push notifications for breaking news. In-app purchases add support for office pools and team stats ($0.99 each).

5. Sporting News NCAA Basketball

best march madness app
Zumobi, Inc.

Keep up-to-date on all the latest NCAA news with the Sporting News NCAA Basketball app (Zumobi, Free). This news app provides access to the latest scores, breaking news, video clips, and current March Madness tournament standings. It also supports push notifications to keep you up-to-date as the tournament progresses. While you can't create a bracket using this app, it provides all the news and scores you need to stay on top of the action. 

6. SeatGeek Tickets

SeatGeek Tickets
image copyright SeatGeek Inc.

If you're not to content to catch the action from your couch, desk, or phone and just have to feel the madness live, try SeatGeek's app (SeatGeek Inc., Free). SeatGeek offers a single interface to search across multiple online ticket sellers, including major options like StubHub and eBay. And, since it's a general purpose app for finding tickets to any live events, it will be useful even after the tournament is over. 

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