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17 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone


11. TBS

TBS app
image copyright Turner Broadcasting System
If you like to laugh, you may watch TBS' original shows like Conan and Tyler Perry's House of Payne. With this app, you can watch them--and more--out and about with your iPhone. As with many other TV network apps, this one requires that you sign in with your cable account username and password and checks to see if your cable company has a deal with TBS. If it doesn't, you're left with the clips, photos, and social features. Free (but requires subscription to a participating cable company)

12. T-Mobile TV

T-Mobile TV
image copyright T-Mobile USA Inc.
Now that T-Mobile offers the iPhone to its customers, iPhone users running iOS 5 or higher can subscribe to the company's T-Mobile TV service. Packages of stations are available starting at $5.99/month. A Kids package includes Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Discovery, and more for $5.99, while the TV en Espanol tier includes Univision, Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, and others for $9.99. Other packages include Life & Style, The Urban Zone, Crackle Movies, and the Prime Pack, a $12.99/month plan that includes sports, kids' shows, network programming, and more. Free app (but requires subscription starting at $5.99/month)

13. TNT

TNT app
image copyright Turner Broadcasting System
If you're a fan of the drama provided by original programming on TNT like Leverage, Rizzoli & Isles, and Falling Skies, this app will help you enjoy those shows on the go on your iPhone or iPod touch. However, this app is subject to the same restrictions as its sister app from TBS: you have to have a cable subscription and if your cable company doesn't have a deal with TNT, you won't get full episiodes. Free (but requires subscription to a participating cable company)

14. TWC TV (Time Warner Cable)

image copyright Time Warner Cable
Remember when I mentioned that U-verse being open to anyone was a little unusual among cable-company apps? This app, and XFINITY TV below, prove it. TWC TV, from Time Warner Cable, lets users watch TV on the iPhone--as long as they're Time Warner Cable customers. If you've got Time Warner's Standard (Expanded Basic) service or higher, you've got access to the app, but the full set of channels you get depends on your cable plan. Live TV is available over Wi-Fi only (no 3G/4G). Free app (requires Time Warner Cable subscription)

15. TV.com

image copyright CBS Interactive
TV.com lets you watch TV on your iPhone from an array of networks owned or co-owned by CBS, including CBS, the CW, and Showtime (you'll also find TV episodes from classic series from the past). Both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi are supported and there's no need to log into a cable or other company user account to watch shows. Free

16. WatchESPN

image copyright ESPN
If you need to stay in the game whenever and wherever you are, the WatchESPN app may be your ticket. It offers live video from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU for people who subscribe to those channels as part of their cable package. As you may have guessed, this is another app that requires that you log in with your cable company information to get access to the video. When you do, though, you'll find a ton of original ESPN show and games. Free (requires subscription with participating cable company)


image copyright Comcast Interactive Media
Last but not least, XFINITY TV is the TV-on-iPhone offering from cable giant Comcast. If you're a Comcast customer, log into the app and you'll be able to watch TV and movies from channels like TNT, TBS, HBO, Showtime, and more (but you have to have those stations in your cable package, of course). As with other cable company apps, you can also control your home DVR and On Demand options. Requires Wi-Fi to watch TV. Free (requires Comcast subscription)
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