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7 Time-Saving Grocery List Apps for the iPhone

The best iPhone grocery apps


Shopping list apps for the iPhone and iPod touch can help you save time at the grocery store (and we all need to do that, right?). Instead of using pen and paper, grocery list apps offer built-in databases so you can quickly add items to your list. The best apps also include barcode scanners, email sharing, and online list updating. 

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1. Grocery IQ

grocery list app
Coupons Inc.

Grocery IQ (Free) includes all the features you would expect in a powerful grocery app, including a barcode scanner, list sharing, and integrated coupons. If you are like me and buy the same things every week, the favorites list will help you save time. You can also edit your list online and it will update automatically on the app. 

2. Grocery Gadget

best grocery list app
Flixoft, Inc.

Grocery Gadget ($3.99) is one of the more expensive grocery apps, but it has a variety of features that set it apart from the competition. For one, you can link multiple accounts and send push notifications to other users if you need a last-minute item. The app also links to recipe sources like Big Oven so ingredients are added automatically to your shopping list. As with the Grocery IQ app, you can also edit your list online using Grocery Gadget’s online portal. 

3. Shopping List

best grocery app

Shopping List ($2.99) isn’t as feature-rich as some other grocery apps, but it covers all the basics. The app features multiple shopping lists that sync across numerous devices (including the iPad or iPod touch). You can share your shopping list via email, but the app doesn’t integrate with Twitter or Facebook

4. Shopper

grocery apps
MidCentury Media

The barcode scanner in the Shopper app ($0.99) is supported by RedLaser, which is one of my top-rated iPhone shopping apps. The RedLaser scanner works very quickly and isn’t as vulnerable to shaking or movements as other iPhone scanners. This shopping list app also includes store flyers from Target and Wal-Mart, list sharing, and photos for all items. You can also edit your shopping lists online.

5. GroceryList

best list apps
Helium Foot Software, Inc.

GroceryList ($4.99) is more expensive than Grocery Gadget, but it lacks some of the nifty features, including the barcode scanner and push notifications. Even so, the app does include a built-in database of common grocery items and the ability to create multiple shopping lists. It also keeps track of favorite items so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you create a shopping list. 

6. Green Grocer

best shopping list app
Stephen Elliott

Green Grocer ($4.99) has many of the common features you’ll find in most shopping list apps, but it has one very neat feature that sets it apart: when you’re shopping, just shake your iPhone and the items you still need will be moved to the top of your list. This definitely comes in handy when you have a large, unwieldy shopping list. Unlimited grocery lists and email sharing are additional pluses. 

7. Shopping List from Recipe.com

Shopping List from Recipe.com
Shopping List from Recipe.com copyright Meredith Corp.

Shopping List from Recipe.com (free) boasts many of the features that are common to grocery list apps: a barcode scanner, voice recognition, multiple lists, integrated specials. Unfortunately, most of these features has problems. The barcode scanner only identified 3 of my 10 test items and the voice recognition only successfully added 50% of my entries. The store list uses your GPS location and is solid, but it lacks some major chains like Trader Joe's. With better apps on this list, there's no compelling reason to use Shopping List from Recipe.com right now.

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