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5 Great GPS Cycling Apps for the iPhone

Best iPhone cycling apps for tracking speed and distance


Using any of these cycling apps, you can turn your iPhone into a GPS tool for tracking your time, distance, and speed -- and they're a heck of a lot cheaper than a dedicated cycling computer. The best cycling apps also include helpful features like iPod support, Facebook and Twitter integration, and reporting graphs. Keep in mind that these apps will only work on GPS-enabled iPhones, including the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. 

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1. iMapMyRide+

best cycling apps
MapMyFitness LLC

With the iMapMyRide+ app (US$4.99), you can track all your vital cycling data, including time, speed, distance, and elevation. The app will also track heart-rate data via a dongle that must be purchased separately. You can view cycling routes on a map and sync your workout data to an online account at MapMyRide.com. Other features include Twitter integration, iPod support, and photo uploads. 

2. Cyclemeter GPS

GPS cycling apps
Abvio LLC

Cyclemeter GPS ($4.99) is different from many iPhone cycling apps in that it includes a ton of tracking and reporting features right in the app. Unlike its competitors, which normally require you to transfer your data online to view graphs, reports, and other data, Cyclemeter keeps it all within the app. It tracks speed, distance, elevation, and time; the app also integrates with Google maps so you can easily share your cycling routes via Facebook or Twitter. Voice announcements, email alerts, and iPod integration are just some of Cyclemeter’s many additional features. 

3. Cycle Tracker Pro

iPhone cycling apps
Screenmedia Design Ltd

Cycle Tracker Pro ($4.99) has a beautiful, intuitive interface that makes it easy to see your GPS cycling data at a glance. The app tracks all the cycling information you would want, including altitude, distance, calories, time, speed, and average speed. You can play music right from your iPod or program audio prompts for your workout. I also like that you can race against your best times or set a “power boost” song to play when you need extra motivation. Cycle Tracker Pro also includes Facebook and Twitter integration. 

4. B.iCycle

best cycling apps
Valley Development GmbH

The B.iCycle app ($9.99) tracks a good amount of information for your next cycling trip, including time, speed, distance, altitude, and calories. You’ll have to transfer your data to a free third-party website to view detailed reports and analysis, but B.iCycle does integrate with OpenStreetMaps to view thousands of user-submitted bike trails. The app also includes an auto-pause feature so the timer will pause automatically when you stop moving. iPod integration is another plus.  

5. Cycle Watch

GPS cycling app
BHI Technologies, Inc.

Cycle Watch ($1.99) is the best GPS cycling app for those on a budget. It’s cheaper than competing cycling apps, but it still includes the must-have features. Distance, speed, time, and elevation are all calculated, and cycling routes are displayed on a map. You can also compare times to previous outings on the same route. Cycle Watch doesn’t include quite as many reporting features are more expensive cycling apps, but monthly totals are available. 

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