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The Best iPhone Apps in Dozens of Categories

Discover new apps in dozens of categories--from sports to news to books to music--and decide which to buy with these lists of top iPhone apps.
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Top iPad & iPhone Browser Apps
Safari is far from your only choice for a web browser app on the iPhone. Check out these alternates, many of which offer features that Safari can't or won't.

17 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? Then these are the apps for you.

The Best Travel Apps for iOS
Travel, especially to places we haven't been before, can be confusing and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be.

Best iPhone Baseball Apps
Here are the tools you need to stay on top of both the on-the-field action and your fantasy team this baseball season.

How to Watch the 2010 World Cup Live
The 2010 FIFA World Cup starts in South Africa in less than a month, and the soccer (or football, for our international readers) frenzy has already begun. We've already covered the best World Cup apps , but now that the tournament is set to begin, we're focused on how we'll catch the matches at work or on the go.

Best New iPhone Apps of 2010
Our picks for the best apps that were released for the first time in 2010.

Top 7 Social Networking Apps for the iPhone
IPhone social networking apps number in the thousands, but don't worry -- we waded through the App Store for you and found the best ones.

9 Useful Walt Disney World iPhone Apps
Don't even think about going on a trip to Disney World without having these apps. They'll save you from dealing with hungry, tired, cranky kids--as much as anything can, that is.

7 World Cup iPhone Apps
World Cup mania is just around the corner, and these seven iPhone soccer (or football, as most of the rest of the world calls it) apps can keep you in the loop on the latest news and scores. Even major names like ESPN are getting in on the action with their own World Cup apps.

Top 6 iPhone News Apps
There are dozens of iPhone news apps available, and some are not worth downloading. The good news? There are a number of iPhone apps that will satisfy your inner news junkie with breaking news alerts, in-depth reporting and lots of multimedia content. Here are our picks for the best iPhone news apps.

Game On! 8 March Madness iPhone Apps
Follow the NCAA Tournament whether you're by the TV or on your phone with these great March Madness apps.

Top iPhone Running Apps
Get more out of your runs and take your workouts to the next level with these GPS-enabled running apps for the iPhone and iOS.

Top 14 Best Free iPhone Music Apps
Some of the best iPhone music apps won’t cost you a dime. Whether you want to listen to free music or identify that unknown song on the radio, these iPhone apps are worthy additions to your collection.

Top 6 iPhone eBook Apps
If you want to read books on your iPhone, read this list before you download anything.

4 iPhone Apps for Tax Time
Yes folks, it s that time of year again - tax season. While few people actually like doing their taxes, these iPhone apps can make the process a little easier. Whether you need to track business expenses or trip mileage, the iPhone is a great way to keep track of your important tax information.

6 iPhone Apps for PGA Tour Season
Now that PGA Tour season is underway, golf fanatics can get in on all the action right from their iPhone. These popular iPhone apps can help you track players and results on the PGA Tour, and some may even help improve your golf game.

Best iPhone Apps for Tour de France Fans
Follow your favorite riders and teams throughout the Tour de France with these handy apps.

Best Comic Apps for the iPhone and iPad
With so many ways to get comics on your iOS device, can go wrong? Maybe not, but you can go more right.

Best iPhone Apps for Summer Fun
Whether you love reading on the beach or mixing up cocktails at an outdoor party, there are plenty of summer apps to keep you satisfied. These iPhone apps are perfect for your next summer vacation or BBQ. Some top choices include Weber's On the Grill app -- perfect for grilling novices -- or the Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide app,...

Top 14 Recipe Apps for the iPhone and iPad
There might be more than a million recipes in these apps. If you love to cook, you'll love these apps.

Top 6 Recipe Apps for Vegetarians and Vegans
Looking for some meat or dairy-free recipes? Look no further.

Top 5 Cooking Apps for Dieters
Finding healthy recipes can be a chore, especially if you're on a diet and have to count every last calorie or carb. There are several great recipe apps for the iPhone and iPad, but a few offer unique features that will help dieters shed those pesky pounds. These apps offer nutritional information for all their recipes, and some provide specific...

Best iPhone Recipe Apps for Grilling and BBQs
Make sure your meat comes off the grill perfectly cooked and delicious with these apps.

8 Best iPhone Apps for Young Kids
If your preschool or kindergarten-aged kids are using your iPhone, these apps can help them learn while they also fun.

Top 5 Disneyland Travel Apps for the iPhone
Approximately 16 million people visit Disneyland every year, which is just a mind-boggling figure. Give yourself a head start over the masses of people who visit Disneyland by downloading one of these useful iPhone apps. You can do everything from view restaurant menus, check wait times, or find the closest bathroom right from your iPhone or...

Top 5 Thanksgiving Cooking Apps
Spice up your Thanksgiving meal with delicious recipes from these apps.

8 Best Thanksgiving Recipes from iPhone Cooking Apps
Hungry for the classics or innovative twists on staple recipes? Either way, these apps will have your guests asking for seconds this Thanksgiving.

Top 8 iPhone Shopping Apps
Some of the best iPhone shopping apps can help you save money on the things you buy everyday. Others help you compare prices, find nearby stores, or figure out if a product is a dud. Shopping apps also include a lot of cool technology -- from picture recognition to barcode scanners. Whatever your need, these apps have you covered on your next...

7 Time-Saving Grocery List Apps for the iPhone
Never come home from the store without all the food you needed again thanks to these apps.

Super Bowl XLV Apps - Best Super Bowl Apps for the iPhone

Super Bowl XLV is only a few short months away. Held on Feb. 6, 2011, the next Super Bowl will take place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. These iPhone Super Bowl apps will keep you in the loop as the big game approaches. Some of the apps haven’t been updated for 2011 yet, but I’ll be sure to add them as soon as they become available.  

Read More: Best Fantasy Football Apps for the iPhone

Best iPhone Photography Apps - iPhone Apps Photography
Are you a budding iPhone shutterbug or an expert? Check out these apps to help you create impressive, attractive photos with your phone.

Top 8 Christmas Apps for the iPhone
Whether you're looking for Christmas music, a wayrack your holiday shopping, or just classic tales like the Grinch, these Christmas apps will keep your yuletide gay.

Top iPhone Apps for Celebrating New Year's Eve
There truly is an app for everything--including ringing in the new year.

Best Weight Loss and Diet Apps for the iPhone
Looking to lose weight and keep it off? Then you need these apps on your phone today.

Top 9 Pregnancy Apps for the iPhone
Track contractions, decide on baby names, and stay fit during pregnancy with these apps.

Top 5 Cycling Apps for the iPhone
Skip buying one of those expensive computers for your bike. Grab one of these GPS-enabled cycling apps and you'll be able to track your time, distance, and speed all on your iPhone.

Top iOS Browsers for the iPhone and iPad
Safari is far from your only choice for a web browser app on the iPhone. Check out these alternates, many of which offer features that Safari can't or won't.

Top iPhone Ringtone Apps
The ringtones that come with the iPhone are OK, but the ones you buy from ringtone stores or make from your own music are a lot better--and more fun, too. These apps will help you create your own ringtones.

Free Ringtone Apps for the iPhone
Create free ringtones for your iPhone with these apps. We've reviewed and ranked the best ones based on features and ease of use.

Top 9 iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps
Want a good suggestion on where to eat in either your hometown or when traveling? These restaurant apps have you covered.

Top 6 Music Related Apps for the iPhone
If your iPod playlist is sounding a bit stale, a good music app can be just the boost you need. There are plenty of free options, but spending a bit more makes sense when you get more features like pause/rewind and recording functionality.

11 Great iPhone To Do Apps
Can't stay on top of everything you need to do? One--or more--of these apps can help get you organized and make your more efficient.

Top 6 Business Apps for the iPhone
The iPhone is a great productivity tool for business professionals. Although Apple's built-in apps are pretty basic for business purposes, there are a variety of third-party apps that will keep you organized. Whether you need to manage your calendar or dictate voice memos, iTunes has a business app for you.

Top 5 Gas Station Finder Apps
Whether you're on a long road trip or travel for business or are just out doing errands, we all want to save money on gas. These 5 apps use the Internet and the iPhone's GPS to help you grab the biggest savings.

Top Flash-Enabled Browsers for the iPhone
While there may be a decent number of Flash-enabled iPhone browsers, will you actually want to use any of them?

8 Apps That Help You Customize Your iPhone
Make your iPhone truly yours by changing how it looks and sounds using these iPhone customization apps.

15 iPhone OS 4 Radio Apps
Having thousands of songs we love with us at all times is one of the great things about the iPhone or iPod touch. But sometimes you want some variety, want to discover something new, or don't want music at all, instead preferring news or sports. In any of those situations, what you need are iPhone OS radio apps.

8 eBook Reader iPod touch and iPhone Apps
A list of 8 early ebook-reader apps for the iOS.

8 Video Apps for iPod touch and iPhone
The iPhone and iPod touch have always offered users the ability to watch movies synced through iTunes whether theyve been purchased, rented, or ripped from DVD. With the introduction of the iPhone Apps Store, though, the range of video applications available for both devices has grown substantially.

16 Remote Control iPod touch and iPhone Apps
Transform your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a remote control for your gadgets with these remote control iPhone apps.

9 Netflix-Compatible iPod touch and iPhone Apps
Before the official Netflix app, these apps were the closest an iOS device could get.

446 iPhone Apps - Profiled, Discussed, and Reviewed
Check out what the About.com network has to say about hundreds of iPhone apps on dozens of topics.

14 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone
Some of the best iPhone music apps won’t cost you a dime. Whether you want to listen to free music or identify that unknown song on the radio, these iPhone apps are worthy additions to your collection.

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