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iPod and iPhone Holiday Gift Guide


From big-ticket items to stocking stuffers, this section will help you stretch your iPod dollar the farthest in a tough economy. Light up faces this holiday with just the right gifts for everyone on your list.
  1. Choosing iPods and iPhones
  2. Budget Gifts
  3. Gifts for Hobbyist and Enthusiasts
  4. Giving Movies, Music, and Apps

Choosing iPods and iPhones

apple ipod family

With four iPod models available - plus the iPhone 3GS - your choices for gifts are more complicated than they've been since you had to decide between Beta and VHS. Make sure you pick the right hardware for the right person with these articles.

Budget Gifts

apple ipod shuffle

While iPods and iPhones are usually too expensive for this year's tight budgets, there are lots of great gifts for under those watching the bottom line.

Gifts for Hobbyist and Enthusiasts

nike + ipod kit

Everyone in our lives loves something. Whether it's exercise, movies, travel, or something else, there are iPod and iPhone gifts for everyone lifestyle.

Giving Movies, Music, and Apps

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This season, gifts don't have to just be physical products. They can also be digital - music, movies, and maybe even apps - from the iTunes Store.

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