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Where To Sell Your Used iPhone or iPod


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Upgrading from an older iPod, iPhone, or iPad model to the latest, most wonderful, and cutting edge device can be an expensive proposition. Plus, you've got a perfectly good iPod or iPhone on your hands, so can you use that to your advantage to cut the cost of your new toy?

Sure you can!

While you can always try selling your old device on eBay, Craigslist, or other similar places, some retailers will buy used iPhones & iPods and either pay you cash or credit you for the purchase of a new iPod or other device when you trade them your old one.

These programs all have different terms, so be sure to read closely and ask questions before parting with your iPod or iPhone, but this is a great way to get that new gadget and pay a bit less for it.

Here are links to a few sites with programs that let buy used iPhones and iPods:

Amazon's Electonics Trade-In service, a new addition to the giant online retailer, buys all kinds of used electronics at competitive prices. You can sell iPhones, iPods, iPads, and many other gadgets in exchange for an Amazon Gift Card.

In Aug. 2011, Apple threw its hat into the used iPad and iPhone resale business. Via a section of its online store, users can sell desktop and notebook computers, iPads and iPhones (but not, apparently, iPods) in exchange for an Apple Gift Card. Prices look to be competitive and free packaging and shipping are provided in the deal. In Sept. 2013, Apple expanded the iPhone program to include its retail stores, allowing customers to trade their old iPhone for a credit when upgrading. For the online version of the program, get quotes on your gadgets here. For the in-store version, just visit your local Apple Store.

Best Buy
Another retail giant with a trade in program. Trade in your iPods or iPhones (and tons of other consumer electronics) for either a Best Buy gift card--for which you'll get a lot more money--or a check. One nice benefit of this program is that you don't have to mail your product; you can also bring it to your local Best Buy store.

BuyMyTronics buys both working and broken iPods and iPhones, as well as a range of other electronics and gadgets. They fix and resell broken products (though not apparently on their website).
BuyMyTronics Review | Users Share Their Experiences with BuyMyTronics

CashForiPhones lives up to its name: it offers to pay you cash--via PayPal or check--for your used iPhone or iPod touch. Shipping is free and CashForiPhone supplies you a mailer to send your devices to them in. Related sites in the company's network buy iPads, laptops, and BlackBerrys.
CashForiPhones Review

EcoSquid offers an interesting twist to the online iPhone trade in business. Instead of offering to buy your used device directly, its search engine combs the offerings from a wide variety of used iPhone and iPod buyers to let you compare the prices you'll be able to get from each company. It also includes free recycling and charity donation programs.

Leading video game retailer GameStop has added the purchase of used iPods, iPhones, and iPads to its services. The program isn't available online, but take your device to your local GameStop and they'll assess its value. Trade-ins are for GameStop credit only, not cash. GameStop store locator

Gazelle (formerly SecondRotation) buys all kinds of used electronics - from cell phones to iPods - based on their condition, the packaging and accessories they include, and more. Prices paid for iPods and iPhones are good - an iPhone 3G in good condition nets around US$100.
Gazelle Review | Users Share Their Experiences with Gazelle

The Mac Store
Another Apple reseller who will take your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and convert it to store credit. Unlike many companies, though, you have to send your device to The Mac Store before they give you an estimated purchase price (which may change after they test it).

This site offers a used iPod calculator tool that is both informative and interesting. Use it to gauge the value of your iPod and then decide if you want to sell. You can also buy used iPods from the site.
NextWorth Review| Users Share Their Experiences with NextWorth

Apple reseller PowerMax buy used iPads, iPhones, and iPods (as well as used Macs). Unlike other sites, though, you must email the details of the device you want to sell in order to get a quote, rather than getting a quote live on the website.
Users Share Their Experiences with PowerMax

If you'e got a working or broken iPhone, iPad, or an Apple laptop, Roostr could be an option for you. At the site, you let them know that kind of device you have from a drop down (or, in the case of laptops, by serial number), answer a few questions about the details and condition of your device, and then get a quote. If you accept it, you'll get a pre-paid FedEx label to apply to a box that you supply to send your device.

Small Dog Electronics
This long-time Apple reseller offers $30-$200 credit for iPod models (no iPhones or iPads) starting with the iPod nano.
Small Dog Profile and Reviews | Visit the Small Dog website

Secure Tradein
This off-shoot of electronics recycler ReCellular Inc. buys iPhones, but not iPods. Prices are based on the model and specs, not condition (which leads to odd situations like the site offering to pay more than retail price for an iPhone 4). You can be paid for your phone by check, or donate the money to charity.
Visit the Secure Tradein website

Totem accepts a wide range of cellphones, including the iPhone, as well as the iPad. Use its online quoting tool to get an estimate of the price for your device, ship it to them using their free, postage-paid mailer, and get paid by check or PayPal within 48 hours after your device has been inspected.

Walmart began offering its own electronics buy-back program in Sept. 2013. Similar to Apple's, if you're selling an iPhone, you'll receive a Walmart gift card that you can then apply to the purchase price of a new iPhone. Learn more about the program or begin your trade-in online.

YouRenew offers the same basic service that many other companies on this list do: search for your device, describe its content, and get an estimated value. If you accept it, print out a pre-paid shipping label, send it in, and get paid. One neat difference is its sibling business CorporateRenew, which allows businesses to resell or recycle their devices in bulk.

Recycling iPods
For those who want to protect the environment more than their wallets, Apple offers an iPod recycling program. This is especially good if your iPod is too old to trade or broken. iPods recycled through this program net you a 10% discount on a new iPod purchase.

Last Updated: Sept. 11, 2013

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