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Before You Buy iPhone or iPod

A guide to deciding when and what iPod, iPhone, or iPad to buy. Start here before you start your shopping.
  1. Buying Used iPods & iPhones (6)
  2. Buying iPad (4)
  3. Holiday Buying Guide 2013 (22)
  4. Past iOS Holiday Buying Guides (118)
  5. Readers Respond (91)
  6. Which AppleTV to Buy (1)
  7. Which iPod or iPhone to Buy (44)
  8. iPad Comparisons (11)
  9. iPhone Insurance Co. Reviews (15)
  10. iPhone vs. Competitors (11)
  11. iPod Trade In Reviews (8)
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Save $1000 Using iPhone and iOS
An iPhone isn't just something that costs you money. With the right strategy, it can also help you save a bunch.

iPod/iPhone Accidents
When people get very into their iPods and iPhones they often don't notice what's going on around them. And, when people are out in public, this can lead to trouble: walking into walls, getting hit by cars, falling down.

iPod Trade-In Programs
Thinking of upgrading to your iPod or iPhone, or just looking to make some quick cash? There are a number of companies that will buy your used electronics.

How Much Does an iPod Shuffle Cost?
The current iPod Shuffle – the 3rd generation model – comes in two versions, with prices that aren't that far apart.

Beginner's Guides to iPod, iPhone, and iPad
Just got an iPhone, iPod, or iPad? Check out these links for some quick tips on getting up and running with your new device.

Refurbished and Discounted iPods from Apple
Before you pay full price for your new iPod, check out this page at the Apple Store. This is the page for refurbished iPods, which carry both a heavy discount and an Apple warranty. You can also buy an extended warranty on these iPods. If you're comfortable not getting a 100% new iPod, you'll save some major coin by buying here.

Can I use my own headphones with the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle?
Can I use my own headphones with the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle?

The Cost of an iPhone Without Contract
Most people assume that, when you buy an iPhone, you're also signing up for a two-year contract with AT&T or Verizon (if you're in the U.S.). That's because the attractive price of US$199 or $299 is advertised as requiring a two-year contract. But it's possible to buy an iPhone without contract.

Will There Be a White iPod touch?
Given that there are white versions of both the iPhone and the iPad 2, many people have asked whether there will be a white iPod touch.

The Latest iWatch Rumors
An iPhone you can wear on your wrist? Learn all about it.

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