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A Parent's Guide to iPhone / iPod For Their Kids


It seems like an iPhone, iPod, or even an iPad is practically a must-have for kids and teens these days. And while parents are glad to give their kids these powerful communication and entertainment devices, you may also have some concerns about what kind of content they can access on them. These articles will help you balance your child's use of technology with your desire to protect them.

Content Restrictions

Concerned about what kind of apps or websites your kids have access to, or who may be trying to contact them? Tools built into iOS and iTunes help you control these things.

iTunes Allowance

Remember when an allowance meant a few dollars a month? These days, an allowance can be a regular supply of money in your child's iTunes account so they can buy new music. These articles provide the ins and outs of iTunes allowances.

iPhone Apps

What apps your kids can use or make purchases through is controlled via the content restrictions above, but you may be curious about gifting apps.

iPhone/iPod for Toddlers

Kids are starting to use technology at earlier and earlier ages these days. Check out some thoughts from About.com's Guide to Preschoolers about using the iPhone or iPod with very young kids.

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