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How to Use the Apple Maps App on iOS 6 and Higher


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Introduction to Apple Maps App
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Apple Maps in action

Apple Maps copyright Apple Inc.

The built-in Maps app that comes with all iPhones (and iPod touches and iPads) underwent a huge transformation starting in iOS 6. Previous versions of the app had used Google Maps and other data from Google to provide map information and directions. When Apple and Google became competitors, Apple decided to dump Google and replace its map data and introduced its own Apple Maps app.

While some aspects of Apple Maps are similar to Google Maps, others are are completely different. The new features added to Maps include:

  • Turn-By-Turn Directions - One of the major additions is turn-by-turn navigation in the style of GPS devices. Now, iPhone users have a built-in way to get their phone to speak to them whenever they need to make a turn.
  • Vector Tiles - Maps are now drawn using a different kind of image, called vectors, that allows the text on the maps to always stay smooth, and to keep everything looking good and clear when you scale or move it.
  • 3D - The 3D option transforms maps from being flat images to items with depth that you can move in and out of when getting directions, finding locations of interest, and browsing the globe.
  • Flyover - This feature gives 3D a new meaning. Instead of just seeing a top-down view of locations you're looking at, Flyover lets you real-world photos of places as if you're flying over them in a plane or helicopter.

Some features that had been in the previous version of Maps that were removed for Apple Maps include transit and walking directions. Those features are available in third-party apps at the App Store.

Apple Maps is available for any device that can run iOS 6. Turn-By-Turn Directions are available on iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 2 and higher, and the iPad mini. Flyover is available on those models, and the 5th generation iPod touch and higher.

Read on to learn how to use Turn-By-Turn Directions and other features of Apple Maps.

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