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Keep Up to Date By Using Notification Center on iPhone


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Notification Center on the Lock Screen
Notification Center in action

Last Updated: April 22, 2014

Notification Center is a tool built into the iOS that not only lets you keep up to date on what's happening in your day and on your phone, but also lets apps send you messages when they have important information for you. It debuted in iOS 5, but has undergone some big changes over the years. This article discusses how to use Notification Center on iOS 7 and up.

Notification Center is the place you go to find push notifications sent by apps. These notifications can be text messages, alerts about new voicemails, reminders of upcoming events, invitations to play games, or, depending on the apps you have installed, breaking-news or sports scores and discount coupon offers.

You can configure Notification Center to display all kinds of alerts on your iPhone or iPod touch's lock screen, allowing you to see important updates without even unlocking your device. You can control what alerts show on your lock screen and in Notification Center when you enable push notifications. Read that article first and then continue on in this article to learn how to use Notification Center to stay up to date.

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