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Using iTunes Match and iCloud on the iPhone and iPod touch


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Enable iTunes Match on iPhone
icloud on iphone

Setting to Enable iTunes Match and iCloud Library on iPhone

With iTunes Match and iCloud, managing music on your iPhone or iPod touch is totally web-based. While it used to be that adding and removing music from your device required you to sync with your desktop computer, now you can get everything you need over the Internet.

By stocking your iTunes Match account with your music, you can download the songs you want to your iPhone without ever syncing. It's a pretty neat feature, but it's not for everyone. Read on to find out how to enable iTunes Match on the iPhone and why you may not want to do it.


In order to use iTunes Match on your iPhone, you'll need:

  • A compatible iPhone or iPod touch
  • An iCloud account
  • An iTunes Match account that you've already added all of your iTunes music to
  • A Wi-Fi Internet connection (not a requirement but, as you'll see in later steps, a good idea).

Why You May Not Want To Do This

Linking your iPhone or iPod touch to your iTunes Match and iCloud accounts deletes all the music on your device. You don't lose the music permanently--remember, it's still in your computer's iTunes library and it's also in your iTunes Match account--but your device is wiped. This means that if you have carefully curated the selection of music on your device, you'll have to start over from scratch (and adding music to your device this way, as you'll see in upcoming steps, is much harder than when syncing). It also means that you can't use syncing to manage your music unless you turn off iTunes Match.

Linking your iPhone and iTunes Match account offers a lot of benefits--no need to ever sync to your computer in order to get music again, for one--but it's a big change.

Enable iTunes Match on iPhone

To enable iTunes Match on your iPhone or iPod touch:

  1. Tap the Settings app on your home screen
  2. Tap the Music menu
  3. Move iTunes Match slider to On
  4. When warning pops up, tap Enable.

When you do this, all the music on your iPhone will be deleted. It will then contact your iTunes Match account and download the full list of your music that's in iTunes Match. NOTE: This step doesn't actually download the music--that comes in step 3--it only downloads a list of artists, albums, and songs for you to choose from.

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