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These texting apps provide features that the iPhone's built-in texting app doesn't offer and, as a big bonus, allow iPod touch users to send and receive text messages, too.

Best Texting Apps
Thanks to numerous free texting apps, you can still send and receive text messages using the iPod touch. Although the iPod touch doesn't have a phone, these free text apps assign you a "phone number" that you can hand out to friends and family.

TigerText iPhone App Review
The Tiger Text iPhone app has a very simple premise -- don’t let your text messages come back to haunt you. Unlike most text messaging services, TigerText lets you control how long a text will be stored on your recipient’s phone.

TextPlus App Review
TextPlus is one of the many texting apps available for the iPod touch. Although it’s especially valuable for the iTouch, which doesn’t include a phone, even iPhone users can benefit from the free texting features. I put TextPlus to the test to see how it compares to other free texting apps.

TextFree Unlimited App Review
If you have an iPod touch and want to send text messages, an app like TextFree Unlimited is just what you need. This free app lets you send unlimited text messages without a phone. Depending on your AT&T contract, even iPhone users can benefit from this texting app.

TextNow iPhone App Review
TextNow is another free texting app that works with a variety of Apple products, including the iPhone and iPod touch. However, it’s really valuable for iPod touch users, who don’t have a phone and have no way to send text messages except for apps like this one. I put TextNow to the test against favorites like textPlus and TextFree Unlimited to...

Textie Messaging iPhone App Review
Textie Messaging is another option for texting from the iPod touch if you don’t like textPlus or TextFree Unlimited. Although it has some downsides compared to other texting apps, Textie Messaging does have a terrific interface that is a lot less cluttered than its competitors.

Brightkite Group Text iPhone App Review
Brightkite’s Group Text app is one option for sending text messages if you don’t have a phone -- like on the iPod touch -- or if you easily exceed your text limits on the iPhone. Unlike other texting apps, Group Text doesn’t assign you a phone number, which puts it at a disadvantage against its competitors.

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