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2013 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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Best iPhone/iPod Business/Productivity App: Clipboard

Readers' Choice Best Business/Productivity App: Clipboard

Clipboard copyright Clipboard Inc.

Percentage of Vote: 66%
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It's hard to remember every great thing we discover online, and impossible to save it all to our computers in a useful way. Clipboard solves that problem for many users by letting them save interesting finds and important information to its web-based service.

The Clipboard app lets you copy any content--text, images, links, etc.--and then save them to your online Clipboard account. Use either the app or a browser to access the clipped items in your account. Found something so great you just have to share it? You can offer it privately to just friends, family, and colleagues or let anyone on the web check it out.

Final Vote Tally

  • Easilydo: 12%
  • CamScanner: 11%
  • Dropbox: 4%
  • Evernote: 4%

Audit notice: Votes in this category were revised based on the results of a vote audit. The audit did not change the winner.

Note: Rounding may result in voting percentage not totaling 100%.

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