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2013 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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Best iPhone/iPod Texting App Winner: Tango

Best Texting App: Tango

Tango copyright TangoMe Inc.

Percentage of Vote: 55%
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Texting is just one of the many powerful communications features of the Best Texting App winner, Tango.

Tango lets you send texts, pictures, videos, and even make Internet phone calls to friends all over the world. Photos, texts, and calls can have their look customized with photos, filters, graphics, and effects. Whether you're connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, you can use Tango to communicate--and over 90 million users worldwide already do.

Final Vote Tally

  • Kik Messenger: 30%
  • Minus: 8%
  • WhatsApp: 4%

Audit notice: Votes in this category were revised based on the results of a vote audit. The audit did not change the winner.

Note: Rounding may result in voting percentage not totaling 100%.

Our choices for the best texting apps

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