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2013 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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2013 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners
2013 readers' choice awards,

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner Badge

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The results are in and the winners of the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards are ready to be unveiled.

Readers nominated over 375 products for the finals this year and then cast tens of thousands of votes. With all that activity, there were a lot of contenders for the top spots.

As we've seen in the past, just because a big name company or app is one of the finalists, that doesn't automatically guarantee a victory. Many scrappy underdogs prevailed over larger competitors this year. Read on to discover whether your favorite apps and products took the titles or if upsets were common.

NOTE: Many of the categories in this year's awards were audited for evidence of automated voting scripts, poll gaming, or other unfair attempts to win. In each category where this review took place, I've added a note to explain the result.

As always, huge thanks to everyone who participated--especially the readers who nominated products, voted for finalists, and helped get out the word!

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