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2012 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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Best iPhone/iPod Travel App Winner: Boingo Wi-Finder
Best Travel App Winner: Boingo Wi-Finder

Best Travel App Winner: Boingo Wi-Finder

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Percentage of Vote: 51%
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The app that won the top spot as the 2012 Best Travel App is Boingo Wi-Finder.

With the Internet such an integral part of our lives, being able to find a way to get online wherever you are is as much a part of modern travel as finding accommodations. But finding those networks isn't always easy--unless you've got an app like Wi-Finder, by Boingo. It helps Boingo users find both Boingo and free hotspots based on your location.

Final Vote Tally

  • Quickoffice Pro - 22%
  • Packing Pro - 19%
  • Trover - 6%
  • Speed Tracker - 0%

Note: Rounding errors may result in voting percentage not totaling 100%.

Our choices for the best 12 travel apps

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