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2011 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Finalists


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Best Car FM Transmitter Finalists
Readers' Choice Awards Best iPod/iPhone FM transmitter

Best iPod/iPhone FM transmitter

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The Winners have been announced! Find out who won.

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live
Our top-rated FM tuner thanks to its ability to regularly find clear, uninterrupted FM stations to broadcast to using GPS. Boost mode makes transmission--and thus the music played through the car stero--louder.
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Griffin iTrip
A popular, longstanding leader in this space, Griffin's iTrip comes in many models, including some that use GPS to find the best, clearest signals to broadcast on. A low price and speedy performance help set it apart.
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Monster iCarPlay
The FM car adapter from AV cabling giant Monster, the iCarPlay line offers a wheel controller for scanning and selecting stations, and choosing presets.
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New Potato TuneLink Auto
The TuneLink Auto uses the iPhone's built-in Bluetooth to broadcast music over FM to your car stereo. The cigarette-lighter-adapter device is among the only FM transmitters that doesn't require cables to use.
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