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What Apps Can iPhone / iPod touch Restrictions Block?


Question: What Apps Can iPhone / iPod touch Restrictions Block?
The iOS-- the operating system that the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all run--has a number of tools built into it that allow parents to exercise some control over what their kids can see and do online with the devices. But many parents want to know what, exactly, can they control?

Once you've turned on restrictions on your child's iPhone or iPod touch, you can choose to allow or block all access to the following built-in apps:

  • Safari - if you block this, your child won't be able to access the Internet on their device
  • YouTube - this blocks the YuoTube app, but if your child can access the Internet, they'll still be able to visit the YouTube website
  • iTunes - this is the iTunes Store where you buy music and movies, not the iTunes app for listening to music
  • Installing Apps
  • Camera
  • FaceTime
  • Location - this is the iPhone's built-in GPS, which pinpoints the location of the person with the device

Other restrictions include preventing your child from making purchases from within third-party apps and preventing them from engaging in multi-player online games via Apple's Game Center social network.

If your children have access to the iTunes Store on their iPod touch or iPhone, you can control the kind of music and movies they can access. To do this, you choose what country's ratings system you wish to use and set the limit for music and podcasts, movies, TV shows, and apps that they can access. This restriction only works with content at the iTunes Store, not all content available online.

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