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Kids and iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad

These articles are for parents of kids who have iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. These articles will help parents understand how to use the tools built into the devices to protect their kids when they're using the Internet, the iTunes Store, and the App Store.

A Parent's Guide to iPhone / iPod For Their Kids
Tips for parents whose kids use iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Using iTunes Parental Controls
While the iTunes Store is full of terrific content from music to movies to apps, not all of it is appropriate for children or teens. But whats a parent who wants to let their kids access some parts of iTunes, but not others, to do? Use iTunes Parental Controls, thats what.

Using iPhone Content Restrictions
These tips will help your kids follow your rules when using their iOS devices.

What Apps Can iPhone / iPod touch Restrictions Block?
A list of the apps and functions of the iPhone and iPod touch that iPhone parental controls can block or restrict.

12 Things to Do Before Giving Kids an iPod touch or iPhone
Keep your kids, and your bank account, safe when they use the iPod touch or iPhone by following these steps.

Your Tips For Kids and iPod touch
For you parents who have given your children an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, share your tips with other parents about how they can protect their kids while still letting them use the latest technology.

iPad vs Netbook: Which Should You Buy For Your Teen?
It’s increasingly common to see middle- and high-schoolers receive computers to help them with their school work. Parents seeking low-cost computers have many choices these days, among them iPads and netbooks. The question is: which is best for your teen?

Deciding iPad vs Netbook for Teens
Have you had to decide whether to give your teen a netbook or iPad for their schoolwork? If so, tell your story and explain the reasons for your decision here. Your insights will help other parents make good decisions.

Improve Your Roadtrips with iPhone and Apps
Roadtrips, especially with kids, can feel longer than they are and can be stressful. But with the iPhone, iPad, and apps, you can make your trips more enjoyable, less stressful, and seem to fly by.

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