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iPhone & iPod Holiday Buying Guide 2013

All the gifts you'll need for everyone on your list


When it comes to holiday shopping, things are no different in 2013 than in the past six or so years: gifts starting with "i" are the among the most-wanted items. People all over the world are looking forward to unwrapping gifts carrying the Apple logo, chief among them the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These articles have tons of gift-giving suggestions for the technology lover in your life - and let you chime in with what you hope to receive, too.

1. Gifts for Everyone on Your List

5th Generation iPod touch
image copyright Apple Inc.

2. Budgeted Minded Gifts

iTunes Gift Card
image copyright Apple Inc.

Everyone hopes to find a high-end gift in their stack of presents, but high-end gifts are also high price and budgets are still tight. Check out these affordable gifts to light up eyes without lightening your wallet too much.

3. Buying Advice

iPhone 5S
image copyright Apple Inc.

When you walk into any Apple Store or electronics retailer, you're immediately confronted with a ton of questions. Which device to buy? How do I get the best price? Should I buy this somewhere else? It can be overwhelming. These articles should help clear up any confusion, though, and help you make a smart gift purchase.

4. Gift-Giving Questions

apple ipad
image copyright Apple Inc.

Need to get some facts before laying down the cash for your gifts? Check out these articles for the low down.


5. Guides for Concerned Parents

7th Generation iPod nano
image copyright Apple Inc.

Kids love the iPod and its siblings, but parents don't always love the idea of their kids having unsupervised access to the web and content. Luckily, iTunes and the iOS have tools to let parents protect their kids built in.

6. Using Your New Gifts

Safari for iPhone
Safari copyright Apple Inc.

If you were lucky enough to get a great iPhone or iPod gift this holiday season, you've probably already started playing with your new toy. If you want to learn how to use some of its best features and really get the most out of it, though, check out these articles.

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