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The Best iPad, iPod, and iPhone Gaming Gifts


While the iPod started out as a dedicated music player, with the introduction of the iOS and games to the App Store, the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad have become some the world's leading video game systems. We all have video gamers on our gift lists this holiday season. These are some options that will keep them entertained for the coming year.

1. iPad

Apple iPad
image copyright Apple Inc.

With its big screen, motion controls, and access to the 1,000,000-plus apps at the App Store, the iPad is a terrific mobile gaming platform. It's less portable than the iPod touch, but if your gamer likes watching movies on the go or reading eBooks, the iPad could be the right gift for them.

2. iPod touch

5th Generation iPod touch
image copyright Apple Inc.

For gamers who want a more portable device then the iPad, the 5th generation iPod touch is a great choice. It offers most of the  features of the iPad (though with a smaller screen) and adds cameras, 1080p HD video recording, and the 4-inch, high-resolution Retina Display screen.

3. Game Controllers

image copyright iControlPad Ltd.

While the combination of the multi-touch screen and sensors built into the iPad and iPod touch offer great controls, accessory manufacturers have developed add-ons to assist gamers. If you've seen any video game console controllers--and you can bet your recipient has--these will look familiar. Gamers who demand high performance may appreciate these. Keep an eye out in particular for MFi (Made for iPhone) controllers—these use the latest technologies and will deliver the best features and experience. Controllers are, or will soon be, available from:

4. iPad Arcade Stand

ION Audio iCade
image copyright ION Audio LLC
If you, or your game-loving gift recipient, miss the good old days of stand-up arcade gaming, then ION Audio's iCade is for you. This case houses your iPad and connects a joystick and series of buttons to it via Bluetooth. For now, only classic games--think Centipede and Asteroids--are supported, but hopefully others will be coming soon. Expect to pay around $100 for this retro-goodness.

5. Remote-Controlled Plane or Car

Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth Remote Control Enzo Ferrari Car
image copyright SilverLit

Wish that the gamer in your life would got off the couch and into the outdoors a little more often? Maybe they will with these remote-control toys. The Parrot AR.Drone is a plane that comes equipped with two cameras and can be flown using an app on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. The cars are recreations of a Ferrari or Porsche and is driven via an app that connects the car to your iOS device by Bluetooth. A particularly cool new option is the Anki DRIVE, a  system that combines real-life cars and an augmented-reality app for racing in the real and virtual worlds.

6. Games

app store logo
image copyright Apple Inc.

If you're looking for a more affordable gift, consider giving games from the App Store. Most cost between US$1 and $15. If you want your gift to be a surprise, though, print out the gift information and give it, that rather than sending it via email.

7. iTunes Gift Card

itunes gift card
image copyright Apple Inc.
If you prefer to let your gift recipients choose their own games to buy, an iTunes Gift Card is the way to do it. Load it up with from US$15-$100 to keep your gamer happy for weeks or months to come.
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