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Definition of the Retina Display? - About.com Guide to iPhone, iPod
Retina Display - The name given by Apple to the high-resolution screen technology introduced on the iPhone 4 in June 2010. There is no single screen ...
Retina Display - iPhone 4 Retina Display - What is a Retina Display
Apple calls the display on the iPhone a "Retina Display," saying it offers more pixels than the human eye can see -- a claim that has been disputed by some ...
FAQ: Does the iPad 2 Have a Retina Display? - About iPad
Apple's Retina Display debuted on the iPhone 4 and denotes a display so clear that the human eye has trouble distinguishing individual pixels.
iPad With Retina Display and GPS Navigation and Maps - About.com
The new Apple iPad, with GPS and its high-resolution retina display, is an excellent device for a range of navigation, and mapping duties and location- aware ...
iPad Mini With Retina Display vs. Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-Inch
A comparison of the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch tablets that both cost around $400 to figure out which is the ...
The iPad 4 vs the iPad Mini - About iPad
While the iPad Mini doesn't have the Retina Display of its big brother and doesn't have the fast processor, it still delivers the iPad experience. That includes ...
Apple iPad Mini With Retina Display 7.9-inch Tablet Review
Nov 25, 2013 ... Product review of the iPad Mini with Retina Display tablet. (Nov 25 2013)
Should You Upgrade to the iPad Mini 2? - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 is a major upgrade over the original iPad Mini, which was introduced last year. The newest iPad Mini not only sports a Retina Display, it also ...
Apple's iPad 4 Specifications and Features - About iPad
In addition to a much faster CPU and graphics processor, the iPad 4 has a Retina Display, support for 4G LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi and has Siri, Apple's ...
iPad Mini Review: Is the Mini the Best iPad? - About iPad
The iPad mini may not have the Retina Display or fast A6X processor of the iPad 4, but it still looks beautiful and is extremely responsive. This shouldn't come as ...
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