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Avoid International iPhone Data Roaming Charges
Most iPhone users pay a fixed monthly price for their data service. But that can be very different when you take your phone overseas. Whenever you're traveling ...
AT&T International iPhone Data Roaming Plan
U.S. customers taking their iPhones overseas and using email or web features were previously paying for each KB of data they sent or receieved (something that ...
Tell Your iPhone Roaming Horror Stories
From the article: Avoid International iPhone Data Roaming Charges. We've all heard horror stories about people getting hit with huge cell phone bills they ...
How to Contest iPhone Data Roaming Charges
If you're not careful, iPhone data roaming charges can add up to hundreds or ... International iPhone Information · Can I Keep Unlimited Data with iPhone ...
How to Unlock an iPhone for Traveling - Student Travel - About.com
have to be unlocked before you can use them economically for international travel, meaning you'll have to unlock an iPhone, or buy an unlocked iPhone, ...
Using Your iPhone Internationally
Using Your iPhone Internationally. Information about and coverage of the iPhone in non-US markets, such as the UK, France, and Germany ...
How to Save Time and Money Using Wi-Fi On the iPhone
Learn how to configure and connect to Wi-Fi from the iPhone when you need it. ... Avoiding iPhone International Data Roaming Charges · What You Need to ...
How to Type International Accented Letters in iPhone Mail - About.com
Tap words like "Champs Élysées" with style and correct accents in iPhone Mail.
Unlocked iPhone 4 Frequently Asked Questions
The unlocked iPhone 4 is the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) version, so it is only compatible with GSM and UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA networks ...
iPhone 3G International Availability
Apple is following a two-tiered approach to making the iPhone 3G available. The phone will go on sale on July 11 in 22 countries. It will be released in an ...
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