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Best Ringtone App Finalists

The 2013 Readers' Choice Awards on About.com

The winner has been announced. Find out which app won, the voting totals, and more.

There are many ways to customize your iPhone or iPod touch to make it more your own. One of the most fun ways to do this is creating your own custom ringtones and assigning them to different people in your address book. Vote for your favorite ringtone app here.

Mobile17 - Ringtone Maker
Price: Free or $1.99
Use this app to transform the songs in your iOS device's music library into a 40-second ringtone. You can also create 6-second notification tones to be used with Messages, Calendar, and other apps with alert sounds.
Download at iTunes
Pimp Your Sound
Price: Free
With Pimp Your Sound, you can create your own ringtones or choose from a library of exclusive and licensed ringtones (it also offers alert tones). Effects options let you change the sound of the tones, and they can be shared with friends.
Download at iTunes
Ringtones #1
Price: Free
Choose from over 650 included ringtones or create your own from your music library or your own recordings with Ringtones #1. As with the other apps in this category, you can also use this to create alert tones.
Download at iTunes
Ringtone Director
Price: Free or $4.99
Ringtone Director takes a very different approach to creating ringtones. With it, you write some text, choose from the included voices and sound effects, and then the app combines all of your choices into a tone. Create alert tones, too.
Download at iTunes

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1. You can vote once per day in each category.

2. To prevent voting fraud and to ensure a fair contest, you must log in with an email address, Facebook account, or About.com account in order to vote. I am not saving these addresses and will not use them in any way other than to prevent vote fraud.

3. Voting runs from Feb. 19 through 11:59 pm ET March 19, 2013. (The voting in any or all award categories may be audited for voting irregularities, so winners are not final until the official announcement.)


Winners will be announced March 27. There's no prize -- just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of one of the biggest networks on the web.

Check back with iPhone/iPod at About.com on March 27 to see if your favorite iPhone/iPod accessory or app was nominated and to vote on the finalists. You can also visit our central awards page to learn about finalists in other categories.

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