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Best iPhone 4S Case Finalists

The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards on About.com

The winners have been announced. Find out who won here.

Price: $79.99
This case attempts to live up to its name by offering a rugged, waterproof up to 6 feet, cold-proof case that's been tested to military specifications. The case envelopes the iPhone, along with plugs for the headphone jack and dock connector, to even protect it against dust! The screen is covered by glass that doesn't interfere with operation of the iPhone. To enhance things even further, the back of the case boosts bass and mid-range audio when using the iPhone's speaker.
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OtterBox Commuter Series
Price: $34.95
The popular Otterbox Commuter provides comprehensive protection in a sleek case. It offers a two-layer silicone shell that protects the iPhone and is designed to absorbs shock to prevent it from damage when dropped. It also includes port covers and a screen protector to defend against scratches and cracks. The Otterbox Commuter case combines multilayer proection with full access to all the ports, buttons, and features of the iPhone.
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JoyFactory RainBallet
Price: $49.95
You shouldn't really take expensive consumer electronics like your iPhone near water--unless you've got a case like The Joy Factory's RainBallet on it. You lock the iPhone into the RainBallet and then tighten it to form a water-tight seal that won't let in sweat, rain, or water--even if you drop it in. The case doesn't interfere with audio quality and special lenses over the cameras ensure that photos still come out looking sharp and beautiful.
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SGP Neo Hybrid 2S
Price: $31.99
Striking the right balance between protection and design is always a problem for iPhone cases. How do you make sure you keep the phone safe while also allowing the great design underneath to shine through? SGP's Neo Hybrid 2S attempts to offer both protection and style with its tight, feature-hugging form. It offers a two-layer--silicone and polycarbonate--case and a screen protector overlay, as well as your choice of colors.
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Speck CandyShell Grip
Price: $34.95
The CandyShell Grip offers a nice one-two punch for people looking for protection, functionality, and style. The first punch comes in the form of a hard-molded plastic outer shell for tough protection. The second punch is the shock-absorbent rubber inner lining which also shows up on parts of the outside to make gripping the case easier. An outer lip of rubber slightly raises the face of the case so that even if you drop your iPhone, the screen won't be the first thing that hits the ground.
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1. You can vote once per day in each category.

2. To prevent voting fraud and to ensure a fair contest, you must log in with an email address, Facebook account, or About.com account in order to vote. I am not saving these addresses and will not use them in any way other than to prevent vote fraud.

3. Voting runs from Feb. 22 through 11:59 pm ET March 21, 2012.


Winners will be announced March 30. There's no prize -- just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of one of the biggest networks on the web.

Check back with iPhone/iPod at About.com on March 30 to see if your favorite iPhone/iPod accessory or app was nominated and to vote on the finalists. You can also visit our central awards page to learn about finalists in other categories.

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