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iPod Minis: Maps Apology and News, Apple Web Radio Delayed


Apple Maps app

Apple Maps app

Oct. 4, 2012

Maps continues to the biggest story in the world of the iOS this week. Here's the latest:

In non-Maps news:

  • T-Mobile and MetroPCS  plan to merge. The companies are currently the 4th and 5th largest U.S. carriers, respectively, and their merger wouldn't change that; they'd still be fourth, with Sprint in third place. Neither company offers the iPhone currently, but it's expected that T-Mobile will do so eventually and the larger customer base could help. T-Mobile previously planned, and failed, to be acquired by AT&T.
  • Apple has been reported to be developing a Pandora-style Internet radio service that would drive users back to iTunes for purchases. A new report says that while the service is close, licensing negotiations with Sony are holding it up.
  • The iPhone 5 isn't even available worldwide yet, but that doesn't mean we can't start talking about the iPhone 6 (or, more probably, the iPhone 5S). Apple is reported to be working with Australian company Microlatch on a fingerprint reader technology that will work with NFC for the next-gen iPhone.
  • Disclaimer that this is self-reporting, but: Apple says 97% of the 800,000 workers it tracks in its Chinese supply chain--including those working at Foxconn--work the 60-hour work weeks legally standard in that country; i.e., only 3% are forced to work excessive hours.
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