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Sam Costello

iPhone/iPod Predictions for 2010

By January 1, 2010

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Here on the morning of the first day of 2010, many of us are looking towards the upcoming 364 days and what they'll hold. I thought it would be fun to consider what the year will hold for Apple - specifically its iPhone and iPod product lines. So, here are my guesses as to how likely we are to see a handful of developments from Apple in 2010. I'll report on the accuracy of my predictions this time next year.

New Tablet - 100%. The question is just when (maybe Jan. 26?), the price, and the specs.

4th-Generation iPhone - 100%. It's as dependable as the sunrise. A new year, a new iPhone. As usual, we should expect to be able to buy it this summer.

Updated iPods - 100%. The most obvious one on the list, I know. There are new iPod models at least once (usually 2-3 times) a year. 2010 won't be any different.

The Tablet Runs iPhone OS - 90%. I suppose it could run the traditional flavor of Mac OS X, but I suspect Apple will be looking to take advantage of the App Store with this one.

The iPhone Adds Other U.S. Carriers - 90%. If it's not Verizon, somebody besides AT&T is going to be offering the iPhone.

Improved App Store Process - 80%. It's hard to see how another year can go by without significant improvements here, especially if the tablet expands the market for the App Store.

The End of the iPod Classic - 70%. With capacity increases in flash memory and the prominence of the App Store, this model makes less and less sense.

TV Subscription Service - 70%. Apple needs some content package to debut with, or drive people to, the tablet.

The iPhone Moves to Verizon - 60%. I doubt we'll end 2010 with AT&T as the lone U.S. iPhone carrier, and Verizon still makes the most sense for the next addition, but signs just aren't clear enough.

New Apple TV - 50%. The TV subscription service might make it more likely, but launching the tablet could divert Apple's attention.

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